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The Gift Everlasting (Jamaica)

The Gift Everlasting (Jamaica)

Starring: Andrew Jones, Vanesa Clarke
Co-Starring: Nicholas Amore, Judith Falloon-Reid, Arthur Allen,
Kayla Wilson, Venessa Watson & Vennecia Francis
Director 1: Judith Falloon-Reid
Director 2: Andrew Jones
Producer: Michael B. Brown, BarriVision Films
Screenwriter: Judith Falloon-Reid
Editor: Michael B. Brown
Cinematographer: Michael B. Brown
Sound: BarriVision Films
Genre: Inspirational/Drama
Running time:  85 mins.

Set in Kingston, Jamaica, The Gift Everlasting explores the dynamics of the Mongrove family during the 20th anniversary of the husband and wife, James and Joan Mongrove. The extravagant celebrations planned to celebrate the milestone is a farce because the couple has drifted apart and the once cohesive family is now in turmoil. James is a workaholic who provides very well for his family, materially, but is emotionally distant. His wife, Joan, the home maker, has no material needs but is starved for affection and attention.

The children, Toni (18) and Casey (16) are aware that the family is in trouble but are unsure of how to deal with it. Toni is concerned and wants to do her part to stabilize the family. Casey, however, is more self-centered and prepared to let the chips fall where they may as long as her standard of living is not compromised.

As the plot unfolds it exposes the effects of neglect and misplaced priorities on the family as both parents seek consolation and comfort from all the wrong places. Hours before the big event, things take a dramatically wrong turn, threatening the success of the evening’s event and the future of the entire family.

Yuremein Homeland

Yuremein Homeland

Andrea E. Leland – Director, Producer, Camera (USVI)
Tom Shepard – Editor, Consulting Producer
Fabian Guerra – Camera
Cadrin Gill, MD – Consulting Producer
Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs – Consulting Producer
Rhodee Castillo – Contributing Musician

Genre:  Documentary, running time 50 mins.

Resistance, Rupture and Repair: The Caribs of St. Vincent in the Caribbean
An untold history of the indigenous caribs on St. Vincent: their near extermination and exile by the British 200 years ago, and return of some in the Diaspora to reconnect with those left behind. A powerful, untold story of Caribbean Resistance, Rupture and Repair in post-colonial St. Vincent.



Director: Barry Collymore ( Grenada)
Director 2: Princess Donelan
Producer: Barry Collymore
Editor: Iscah Straker
Cinematographer: Iscah Straker
Sound: Kerron Lessemy
Executive Producer: Colour Bar Media

Genre: Documentary, runtime 50 mins.

Footprints is a Documentary about Grenada’s journey to its first Olympic Medal and about a Grenadian teenager named Kirani James, who beat the rest of the world in 43.94 seconds.  Footprints is set against a backdrop of very difficult times for the island. Kirani triumphed at a time when unemployment was at its highest and the economy of this beautiful island nation was going through one of its most difficult periods.   Filmed primarily in Kirani’s hometown of Gouyave, a fishing village on Grenada’s west coast, the film captures the excitement as it builds throughout the island and the celebrations and spontaneous “Carnival” that erupted when Kirani crossed the finish line ahead of his competitors.

Grand Gesture

Grand Gesture

Directed by Dana Verde (Jamaica & Cuba)
Produced by Dana Verde & Alfred E. Rutherford

Genre:  Romantic Comedy/Drama, running time 65 mins.

Craig is ready for love, the problem is the one that he wants to love is the one that got away. Determined to win her back he makes a GRAND GESTURE but it doesn’t convince her. Still led by the belief that she is the “one”, he gives it one last try and invites his lady love to meet him at a local cafe in Harlem, NYC.  He figures if she shows up then he still has a chance, but if she doesn’t then it’s over. As he waits for her to meet him with plans to sweep her off her feet, random locals at the cafe support and criticize his quest for true love.

Home Again (Canada/Toronto)

Home Again (Canada/Toronto)

Director: Sudz Sutherland
Producer: Jennifer Holness
Producer: Don Carmody & Anita Lee
Principal Cast:  Tatyana Ali, Lyriq Bent, Stephan James, C.C.H. Pounder, Richard Chevolleau, Fefe Dobson
Genre:  Drama

Running time: 104 mins

A searing drama in the vein of City of God, Home Again tells the story of three young people deported ‘home’ to Jamaica after being raised abroad since infancy. Once landed in Kingston and without a compass of any kind, each of the characters embarks on a journey that pushes their endurance beyond measure and forces them to discover who they truly are. On the most fundamental level, Home Again asks the question, “How would you survive?”

Deal With It (Netherlands/Aruba)

Deal With It (The Netherlands/Aruba)

Director: Shamira Raphaela
Producer:  De Haaien
Genre:  Documentary
Language: Papiamento spoken (Aruba/Curacao), English Subtitle
Running time:  58 Mins.

In this intimate portrait, we enter the chaotic and colorful world of Shamira’s family. Her dad Pempy, has been addicted to heroin and crack for more than thirty years and has a long criminal record. Now that he is getting older, his lifestyle is taking a toll on him and his condition worsening.

Simultaneously his son Andy, Shamira’s brother, is following in his father’s footsteps. He too seems to be caught up in a life of crime and drugs. But they both counter their seemingly desperate situation with lots of resilience and humor. Shamira has an ambiguous relationship with both men and when tragedy struck in Shamira’s personal life, it unfolds the way she herself has been affected by the vicious circle trapping her father and brother. A raw and personal film about destructive family patterns & unconditional love
*Papiamento spoken (Aruba/Curacao), English subtitled.

Vuelos Prohibidos (Forbidden Flights) (Cuba)

Vuelos Prohibidos (Forbidden Flights) (Cuba)

Director: Rigoberto López Pego
Executive Producer: Danilo León
Producer: Rafael Rey
Writer: Rigoberto López and Julio Carranza
Language:  Spanish, English Subtitle
Run time: 87min
Year: 2015

Monique is a 34 year Parisian with a Cuban father that she doesn’t know. The afternoon she prepares to travel to Havana she meets a Cuban in his 50s who is waiting for the same flight. The flights are canceled by an unexpected storm. That night from the room of a contiguous hotel at the airport, lovers between confessions and feelings will try to share their perspectives of Cuba, traveling among storms of truths, frustrations, doubts and hopes.

Poetry is an Island, Derek Walcott (St. Lucia)

Poetry Is an Island

Director: Ida Does
Producer 1: 1 Ida Does Productions
Producer 2: Rebecca Roos Productions
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 80 mins.

Derek Walcott, Literature Nobel Laureate has traveled the world while remaining closely connected to his beloved island St. Lucia. As a poet, playwright, painter and even filmmaker, Derek Walcott has been hymning the Caribbean for over 60 years. This documentary presents an intimate portrait of him, set in his beloved native island St. Lucia. The place he always longs for, when he is taken to far away places by his universally acclaimed work. What moves and inspires this great poet? Who are the people whose lives became poetry through his writings? And how do they experience the gift of language of their friend, their mentor, and their father? This film explores the poetry of Derek Walcott, the landscapes and people that inspire it. The film observes Walcott in places essential to his work and life, and gathers the thoughts of some of his closest childhood friends. Most importantly, this documentary is a celebration of the greatest gift Walcott has given the world: his poetry.

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