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Caribbean Lens Opening Night: Proceeds to Benefit Connect and Elevate

4252 W. Riverside St., Burbank, CA

Monday, 600AM to 1000PM
June 11, 2018


CaribbeanLens International Film Festival

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Caribbean Lens Opening Night: Proceeds to Benefit Connect and Elevate

4252 W. Riverside St., Burbank, CA

Monday, 600AM to 1000PM
June 11, 2018


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A Night of Tribute to Haiti and Haitian-Americans Contribution to the United States
Proceeds to benefit Connect and Elevate, a non-profit that brings Athletics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (ASTEAM) to Haiti and other under-served places.


Haiti is a Nation of Artists

This documentary showcases Haitian artists creating transformational art after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The film aims to introduce positive images of Haiti and its people while seeking to reframe the stereotypical narrative of a country largely seen as naive and primitive.
Country:  U.S.A.


7:45 pm FEATURE: The Empty Box

Due to his health condition, Toussaint, a 60 year old Haitian native, goes to live with Jazmin, his 30 year old daughter in Mexico City. Toussaint is a man who wasn’t able to take root in any of the places he lived. He was not a loving father and he is a complete stranger to Jazmín. Through this compelled cohabitation, Toussaint will put together the puzzle of his past with his remaining memories and Jazmín will be able to forgive and move on with her own life.

French Synopsis : 
A 60 ans, en raison d’une santé fragile, Toussaint doit s’installer chez sa fille Jazmin, qui vit à Mexico. D’origine haïtienne, Toussaint n’a jamais été capable de prendre racine nulle part. Il n’a pas été un père aimant et est un parfait inconnu pour Jazmin. Au gré de cette cohabitation forcée, Toussaint recompose le puzzle de son passé sous le regard tantôt sévère, tantôt bienveillant de sa fille. Il permettra à Jazmin d’aller de l’avant avec sa propre vie.Director: Claudia Sainte-Luce
Producers: Christian Kregel, Lola Ovando
Executive producers: Christian Kregel, Alina Uribe, Eric Lagesse, Jimmy Jean-Louis
Associate producer: Jim Stark
Country: Haiti

I Can Dream

This song is from the film “Luces”, where the singer asks a dangerous gangster for a job and finally falls in love with his bodyguard.
Country:  Spain



After a dispute with her mother, Florina decides to travel through the city of Cartagena to find her father.
Country:  Panama/Columbia


Pull Up

The journey of 4 mysterious warriors in a forgotten world.
Country:  Martinique


Sound of the Future:  HAITI

Once known as ‘The Pearl of the Antilles’, Haiti has become a place where many fear going and are just as eager to escape. However, a renaissance of sorts is underway. Young Haitians in the arts are working together to make their country the destination of the Caribbean.

This film follows the story of the most well-known modern Haitian musician, Michael Brun, as he takes it upon himself to show his fellow countrymen that Haiti is worth fighting for. He channels his music to bring people together, to fuel the change that’s occurring in the country. Through the power of music, Haiti can once again become The Pearl of the Antilles.
Country:  Haiti


The Sky Underwater

It’s 2050. Six years old Mia lives in the city of Bergen, under a glass dome, 537 meters under the sea level. Every night, the Big Light wakes her up, clean and beautiful, unlike the rest of the world underwater, which is full of trash. Mia wants to travel out of the dome to see the Big Light, but the Adults hold her back and tell her everything is dangerous out there, because it’s full of sharks. Mia escapes anyway, and finds out that neither the sharks nor the world outside the dome are as dangerous as the fearful Adults want her to believe. Gathering the trash around her with the help of her friends, she will fly up to the surface to see the Moon for the first time.
Country: Norway