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Screening: Footprints (Grenada)

All Day
June 15, 2015


CaribbeanLens International Film Festival

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Screening: Footprints (Grenada)

All Day
June 15, 2015


Footprints is a Documentary about Grenada’s journey to its first Olympic Medal and about a Grenadian teenager named Kirani James, who beat the rest of the world in 43.94 seconds.  Footprints is set against a backdrop of very difficult times for the island. Kirani triumphed at a time when unemployment was at its highest and the economy of this beautiful island nation was going through one of its most difficult periods.   Filmed primarily in Kirani’s hometown of Gouyave, a fishing village on Grenada’s west coast, the film captures the excitement as it builds throughout the island and the celebrations and spontaneous “Carnival” that erupted when Kirani crossed the finish line ahead of his competitors.

Director: Barry Collymore ( Grenada)
Director 2: Princess Donelan
Producer: Barry Collymore
Editor: Iscah Straker
Cinematographer: Iscah Straker
Sound: Kerron Lessemy
Executive Producer: Colour Bar Media

Genre: Documentary, runtime 50 mins.
Website: Click Here