Screening: Grand Gesture (Jamaica & Cuba)

Screening: Grand Gesture (Jamaica & Cuba)


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Screening: Grand Gesture (Jamaica & Cuba)

All Day
June 15, 2015


CaribbeanLens International Film Festival

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Craig is ready for love, the problem is the one that he wants to love is the one that got away. Determined to win her back he makes a GRAND GESTURE but it doesn’t convince her. Still led by the belief that she is the “one”, he gives it one last try and invites his lady love to meet him at a local cafe in Harlem, NYC.  He figures if she shows up then he still has a chance, but if she doesn’t then it’s over. As he waits for her to meet him with plans to sweep her off her feet, random locals at the cafe support and criticize his quest for true love.

Directed by Dana Verde (Jamaica & Cuba)
Produced by Dana Verde & Alfred E. Rutherford

Genre:  Romantic Comedy/Drama, running time 65 mins.
Website: Click Here