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International Friends & Family Night

6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tuesday, 400PM to 1000PM
June 11, 2019


CaribbeanLens International Film Festival

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International Friends & Family Night

6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tuesday, 400PM to 1000PM
June 11, 2019


Screenings: See detailed schedule below

Cocktails & Photo Exhibit


4:05-4:07 PM

Thirty follows a few hours in the life of Tre, a newly aged 30-year-old, who finds herself in the most tumultuous experience of her life.
Country: Bahamas

4:07-4:10 PM
Tops of Memory

Where I came from and how far I will go.
Country: Japan

4:10-4:22 PM
Sin Ayo- No Goodbye

We are immediately drawn to the humming of a young girl. We see her uncovering the past through old memorabilia belonging to our protagonist Flor Marie. This work of fiction takes us on a reflective journey around the true events on the morning of November 6th of 1967 in Curacao.
Country: Curacao

4:22-4:25 PM
Toco Tim

Filmed in Trinidad & Tobago,Toco Tim shares advice on how human behavior affects the lives of leather back turtles.
Country: USA

4:25-4:36 PM
I’m Jacinth – Love After

Love After promises to help others overcome their pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, and insecurities. Jacinth’s open and honest account of everything she’s been through in her life will truly inspire and uplift you. There is Love After our addictions, shortcomings, emptiness, abuse, betrayals,abandonment, and brokenness. Please join Jacinth to take this powerful, healing journey to overcome your deaths and accept there birth of your purpose, love, vision, and identity. Despite the challenges you face everyday,you’ll be convinced there is Love After.
Country: Jamaica

4:36-4:46 PM
The Little Red Dress

Samantha Rose is a little flustered about her new date. She doesn’t know what to wear, how to style her hair, she’s even worried about the food she cooked. On the surface she seems normal but there is something a little off about her, especially when she puts on that Little Red Dress.Is a dark short that dangles on the eye of psychotic…it’s the story of a young woman living in Kingston City with multiple personality disorder…these personalities protect her…especially when she commits her crimes.
Country: Jamaica

4:46-4:57 PM
No me olvidaré de ti – I Will Not Forget You

Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are inspired by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane.
Country: USA

5:00-5:06 PM

Aquarium is a choreography of light and motion with a unique perspective on the exquisite beauty that is present in infinite abundance when one focuses attention on the motions of oceanwater and its expressive optical qualities. In the first half of the film, composer Max Berlin has created a ‘jazzy’ arrangement of Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium composition (1886, Mouvement VIIfrom the Le carnaval des animaux suite) for bass, piano and percussion that is then followed by an orchestral performance of the original Aquarium composition. Shot in the heavenly Bonaire, Caribbean–in breaking waves, in tide pools and underwater.
Country: United States

5:06-5:36 PM
One Storm Away

Filmed in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin,One Storm Away (2018) focuses on how livelihoods in the Caribbean are under threat due to climate change. This introduces reality of “living one storm away”, where businesses, households and individuals are literally one high energy event away from watching the lives of their loved one’s change (often for the worst) before their eyes as a result of natural hazards and their associated impacts. One major component of Caribbean existence is tourism. Whether directly or indirectly,people of the Caribbean benefit from tourism. Consequently, “One Storm Away” looks at the effects of climate change on tourism and looks at the impact that climate change has had and can potentially have, on the livelihoods of people in the region.
Country: Barbados

5:36-6:26 PM
Dancehall’s Asian Ambassadors

This documentary takes a look at the lives of four Japanese women who fell in love with Dancehall music and decided to move to Jamaica to build lives and careers. They also dismiss talks about cultural appropriation and profess their love for the island, the music, the people and the culture.
Country: Jamaica

6:26-6:50 PM
March of the Mokos


6:50-7:12 PM
Fire Walkers of Kali

Ecstatic “shakti” worship was brought to Trinidad by Madrassi immigrants.
Country: Trinidad & Tobago

7:12-7:15 PM
Mango Wars

Mr. Brown goes to great lengths to defend his mango tree from all and sundry almost forgetting whats truly important in life.
Country: Jamaica

7:15-7:30 PM
De Fisheries

7:30-7:35 PM
Back in Times

Back in Times constructs an ingenious narrative via the spoken word art-form, highlighting the glaring disparities between our past and the present, positioned within the context of a Caribbean milieu.
Country: Trinidad & Tobago

7:35-8:20 PM
Feature:  Grenada:  Colonialism and Conflict

This documentary chronicles the philosophical and sometimes bloody struggles Grenadians have waged against colonialism and its long-lasting psychological influences.
Country: Grenada

8:30-9:00 PM
Battledream Chronicles

Syanna, a young black Caribbean girl, wakes up amnesic in an Afrofuturistic world where she has been enslaved by the global colonial empire of Mortemonde. Every day she is forced to collect 500 experience points or XP for her master in the Battledream, a dangerous video game in which players die for real. With a kill switch implanted in her body and her limbs replaced by bionic parts controlled by the master, escape seems impossible. When she is offered a chance to learn in secret how to hack and control the technology used to enslave her, Syanna realizes that not everything is lost. But her master, driven by his lust for wealth and political power, is making the slave conditions harder and harder. And planning a rebellion while fulfilling her slave duty is getting more and more challenging. Will Syanna succeed in regaining her freedom?
Country: Martinique

9:00-9:15 PM

A man goes in search of something mysterious in the Trinidadian mangroves, unraveling a supernatural world as he races back to safety before the sun sets.
Country: Trinidad & Tobago

9:15-9:34 PM

A story of Korean descendants in Havana, Cuba who learn about, succeed values and identity from their grandparents and dream of Korea. In 1905, Korea was going through political and social turbulence and poverty and approximately a thousand of Korean ancestors migrated to the Caribbean and Latin America with the Mexican dream under the fraudulent labor contract.Unfortunately, the majority of the migrants were forced to farm slavery and ended up being left in exotic lands after their legal documents were destroyed. History remains and conveys painful facts, however, young descendants today talk about hopes and try to find own ways to be proud daughters and sons from Korea. *’Hijos’ means ‘daughters and sons’ in Spanish.
Country: Canada

9:34-9:50 PM

A Reluctant witness to a horrific crime is forced to tell her story repeatedly until she finally reveals the one most important detail she omitted before.
Country: United States

9:50-10:00 PM
One Patty

An impatient man enters a patty shop. All he wants is one patty. Instead he learns a valuable life lesson… the hard way.
Country: Jamaica